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Modular isolation rooms are environments specifically designed to help prevent the spread of harmful pathogens and viruses. Using a proven modular structural design, these isolation chambers are prefabricated in our facility and then shipped to the project site for rapid assembly. Isolation rooms are comprised of our modular wall panel system, offering fully customized layouts and configurations to meet the specific isolation room needs of your facility. With our factory-built wall panels, there is far less waste and debris during installation, keeping site disturbances to a minimum.

Negative pressure helps control the source of infection

The main focus of the modular isolation chamber is to create a negative pressure environment to contain pathogens in one environment. In this case, the pressure in the isolation room should be lower than the surrounding room, preventing airborne particles from flowing outward. Isolation rooms, used in conjunction with appropriate gloves, gowns, and hand washing, provide healthcare facilities with a controlled space to treat infectious patients while reducing risk to others.


In addition to our standard wall color and finish customization options, our in-plant offices have a few extra features that enhance their functionality in warehouse-type environments. Our guardrails provide additional warehouse equipment and vehicle protection for offices. Finally, some of our modular prefab in-plant offices can be equipped with steel bases with forklift pockets, which provide the flexibility to move the office very easily.

Modular, single-story in-plant offices provide a venue for administrative work and a means to maximize space. In-factory modular offices are designed to transform unused space and are a great way to add usable office space to your facility.

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