Main factors of indoor thermal comfort of container house

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With the deepening of people's understanding of the container house, its more advantages will be gradually discovered and recognized, and the container house has a huge development space in my country. The container house can be moved quickly at any time. For container house leasing, only one forklift can be used for short distance transportation, and only one forklift and flatbed trailer can be used for ultra-long distance transportation. The container house has no special requirements for the site. Containers must not handle military shipments. When mailing container goods, the mailer shall submit the goods waybill and railway goods delivery service orders in batches. The total weight of the containers shall not exceed the allowable load, and railway containers and self-provided containers shall not be processed in one batch.

The container is handled by the mailer. The condition of the box must be checked before the package is used for leasing. If the box is bad, the carrier should be asked to replace it. This is mainly because there is only a thin layer of wooden boards between the two floors of the prefab house. The resonance effect of the wooden boards is relatively large, and the sealing performance is poor, and the sound insulation effect is naturally relatively poor. It is very inconvenient to come. The structure of the container house is completely different from the traditional prefab house. The indoor thermal comfort of the prefabricated container house is a one-sided feeling that people are satisfied with the indoor thermal environment. Improving the thermal insulation performance of the envelope structure and the thermal insulation and air tightness of the doors and windows can effectively improve the thermal environment in the container mobile room. With the rapid development of the construction industry, prefabricated houses have spread rapidly in my country, while container prefab leasing is a rising star, but the spread of container houses is a little slower.

Although the popularity of container houses is not as good as that of traditional prefab houses, its advantages are still much more than prefab houses. The environmental heat radiation is caused by the solar radiation that may enter the room and the interface between the human body and the surrounding environment such as the walls, ground, and roof of the house. Composed of radiative heat exchange. Indoor air temperature is the main factor affecting indoor thermal comfort. The container prefab house adopts a light steel structure system, and the walls are covered with composite EPS thermal insulation wall panels. All siding and accessories for mobile home rental can be folded and packaged, and the installation is simple, suitable for many long-distance transportation and export by sea. Compared with the natural sound insulation effect of such a structure and a prefab house, it is much better. In addition to the cement floor on the first floor of the prefab house, the above floors are all wooden boards that are reused, and the sealing and sound insulation are even worse.

Post time: Sep-09-2022