How should the color steel prefab house be maintained?

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The prefab house was originally used as a temporary dormitory on a construction site and originated in Guangdong. After the reform and opening up, Shenzhen, as a pilot area for reform and opening up, was in urgent need of building various houses, and construction developers and construction workers poured into Shenzhen from all over the country. To solve the problem of workers' accommodation, developers have set up temporary dormitories. The temporary housing at the construction site was originally a temporary shed built with asbestos tiles as the top arch. Although the cost was low, compared with the later prefab houses, it was simple and had low safety, and basically had no wind and shock resistance. After the 1990s, the country strengthened the management of construction sites to ensure the safety of workers; asbestos was also confirmed to be a harmful and carcinogenic substance. Shenzhen City clearly prohibits the use of asbestos tile arches to build temporary dormitories, and temporary dormitories must have a certain level of safety, with wind and shock resistance. Bans have also been introduced across the country. This directly leads to the production of prefab houses with PU tiles as roof tiles.

In the early days, there was no uniform and agreed construction standard for prefab houses. In chronological order, prefab houses can be divided into three categories:

1. Cement prefab house.

Temporary housing on early construction sites was mostly built by construction teams themselves. Temporary housing built, with the highest specification, should be the housing with cement walls as the main body. After asbestos tiles were banned, PU tiles were directly used instead. This is the earliest prefab house: cement prefab house. However, the cement prefab house is not mobile. Although the building materials are directly used, the construction period is long and the cost is high. After the project is completed, it is difficult to dismantle the cement house, which wastes a lot of manpower and material resources; it cannot be recycled.

2. Magnesium and phosphorus movable board room.

Magnesium-phosphorus prefab house is a real prefab house, using magnesium-phosphorus board as the wall material and light steel structure as the skeleton of the board house. The quality of light steel structure is gradually recognized by people. The assembly technology of the board house is also becoming mature. The production and installation standards of prefab houses are gradually formed. But with the appearance of color steel prefab house, magnesium phosphorus prefab house has become a transitional product.

3. Color steel prefab house.

Magnesium-phosphorus board is light in weight and low in strength, and its waterproof and fireproof performance is not comparable to EPS color steel plate. Soon, people found that magnesium-phosphorus board is not suitable as an external wall material, but only suitable as an internal wall material. So began to use the color steel plate with excellent performance and appearance as the exterior wall material. The color steel plate is used as the outer wall material, and the standard modulus is used for design. This is the initial shape of the current ordinary movable plate. The overall appearance is beautiful, blending with the architectural style of Chengshi City, and the performance is better. Its appearance solved the shortcoming of the low strength of the external wall of the magnesium-phosphorus prefabricated house, and quickly replaced the magnesium-phosphorus prefabricated house and became the standard type of the prefabricated house. This also makes the prefabricated house more and more widely used, not only as temporary housing on construct

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